CenturyLink’s Streaming Service Bites The Dust

CenturyLink’s live tv streaming service is shutting down.

Broadband provider CenturyLink jumped into the live tv streaming battle ground last year with their CenturyLink Stream Beta. CenturyLink seemed to be going all in going so far as to launching their own LG streaming device to lure more customers to their service.

The live tv streaming space is crowded and it looks like CenturyLink’s service didn’t get any traction. They posted the following message on their site concerning the closure:

CenturyLink Stream service is ending. We are no longer accepting new subscribers.

If you are a current subscriber, you can continue to sign in to your account to watch your channels until your current subscription period ends. Plus, enjoy movie rentals on us. Learn More.

Thank you to all who have streamed with us and provided feedback.

Did you try CenturyLink’s streaming service? Comment below.

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William B. West
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