2012 Sony Bravia TV’s To Lose YouTube Support

If you bought a Sony Bravia TV in 2012 for it’s YouTube streaming capability you are probably going to be upset by the latest news from Sony.

According to a support post from Sony, the 2012 Bravia TV’s will no longer support the YouTube app:

Dear Valued Sony Customer,

It has been confirmed that the “New YouTube on TV” app on 2012 Sony BRAVIA TVs will experience symptoms of “Black Screen and Freezing”, or an “Error Message will be displayed and the video will stop playing”.

The symptoms being experienced are not a failure of the TV, but are as a result of specification changes made by YouTube that exceed the capability of the TV’s hardware.

As a result, Sony have decided to remove the YouTube icon for the 2012 Bravia TVs on 30th September 2016.

The YouTube application will no longer be available for the 2012 Bravia TVs after 30th September 2016.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

You can check out the link above to see if your specific model is supported.

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