Are Movie Downloads Coming To Netflix?

Netflix is without a doubt the leading streaming service of choice for most cord cutters. Netflix offers a wide variety of movies for a relatively low monthly fee and is available on any device, almost anytime and anywhere.

The “almost” has always been the sticking point for many. If you have a tablet that is Wi-Fi only and away from a hotspot, or you are maxing out on your data plan and trying to watch a movie on a road trip you know it is next to impossible. Those days of frustration could be coming to an end soon.

LightReading reports that Netflix may soon be offering downloads to their subscribers and watching your favorite TV show or movie on the service offline will no longer be an obstacle.

Their report quotes industry insider and Penthera COO Dan Taitz as saying, “We know from our sources within the industry that Netflix is going to launch this product. My expectation is that by the end of the year Netflix will be launching download-to-go as an option for their customers.”

Investor group Frost & Sullivan Principal Analyst Dan Rayburn also weighed in, “It’s a natural progression for Netflix to want to have some of their content available for consumers to watch offline, and we’ve been hearing for months now that they are in fact going to roll something out soon.

Netflix will be limited by the studios in terms of which titles are available for download so we’ll have to see just how much of Netflix’s inventory is offered and which devices will be supported.”

Would you like to have the option to download movies from Netflix for offline viewing? Comment below.

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