BritBox Tops 400,000 Subscribers

ITV & BBC’s US streaming service BritBox has grown rapidly in the 18 months since it launched. According to an article in Deadline, the service packed with British entertainment has amassed over 400, 000 subscribers.

BritBox Chief Executive Tim Davie spoke about the growth, “We haven’t gone public with a number but why don’t I, we’re over 400,000 now within 18 months. By its second birthday, I’m looking for half a million, that’s quite a lot of candles on the cake.

We’re doing well. We’re not trying to beat Netflix in that market, I think that might not work but what we are doing. We saw an opportunity where there are a lot of people, not just expats, that would like a deeper [service]. It’s gravy,” he said. “You have to be humble about the US and these big markets because it can be very difficult to arrive and say ‘I’m here’ but if you can get those big niches right, it’s big money.”

BritBox streams over 4600 episodes of British programming including originals to the service.

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