Channel Master Warns Consumers Of Potential Issues With FCC Spectrum Repack

Channel Master sent out a notice to customers today, warning them of changes that are coming with the FCC Spectrum repack.

You can check out the info below:

Dear Channel Master Customer,

This email is to inform you of changes to over-the-air broadcast television that could potentially impact your TV antenna signal strength and your ability to receive certain channels.

 Since 2018 Channel Master has been helping consumers with signal issues due to changes implemented by local broadcasters and we expect this to increase. As we enter the final phase of the FCC Spectrum Repack we want to remind our customers of what is going on and what to do if your signal is impacted.

 If you are not already aware of the FCC Spectrum Repack, here are the details. In 2017 the FCC organized an auction of several TV frequencies which was intended to make room for the expansion of 4G, 5G and other wireless services. The frequencies being vacated for the use of wireless services are in the UHF band between 600 and 700 megahertz. After the auction was completed a timeline was established for broadcasters of TV channels to migrate off of these TV frequencies and onto unused frequencies under 600 megahertz.

 The final phases of the repack is happening now and is scheduled to be completed by July 2020.

To learn more about the FCC Spectrum Repack please visit these resources provide by the FCC.

General Information
Frequently Asked Questions
Transition Schedule
Impacted Channels by Zip Code
Most Channel Master customers should not experience issues do to the Spectrum Repack but if you start to experience signal issues Channel Master is here to help.

Please see some common issues and resolutions below.

I can no longer receive one of my channels?

The channel may have moved to its new frequency and your television or convertor box may need a rescan for channels. Rescanning channels on your Television or converter box is typically easy, you will need to go to your TV’s settings menu and select the Auto program option, then scan for channels. If the cause of the lost channel was because it moved frequencies, preforming a rescan should find and store the new frequency allowing you to view the channel.

My signal has been fine for years but after the repack/rescan I am now experiencing issues with pixilating, freezing or other signal issues.

Sometimes the new signal may not be as strong as it was before or your antenna may have performed better receiving the signal at the old frequency. Here is a list of troubleshooting steps if you are receiving the channel but have inconsistent or poor signal.

• Try adjusting your antenna or installing it higher. This could be all that it takes to improve the signal strength enough to be reliable.

• Check your connections. Faulty coaxial cable and connection point can have a big impact on signal strength. Make sure that you are using high quality RG6 coaxial cable, compression connectors, splitters and coaxial splice adapters. Shop for Channel Master high quality cables and connectors.

• If adjusting your antenna does not help, you may want to try an Amplifier to help boost the signal. Shop for Channel Master Amplifiers.

• Indoor TV antennas are more susceptible to interference, you may want to upgrade to a full VHF/UHF outdoor TV antenna.Shop for Channel Master Outdoor Antennas

• Some outdoor antennas are not optimized for VHF signals, you may want to upgrade to a larger antenna that is optimized for VHF signals.Shop for Channel Master most popular Long Range VHF antenna

If you need a recommendation on a new antenna or an amplifier please contact us using our online form.

We hope this information is useful and that you are better prepared to resolve signal issues if you experience them. If you are looking to make improvements to your TV antenna system this spring or summer below is a coupon that you can use to save 10%. The coupon is valid until February 17, 2020 and is not valid with any other offer or promotion.

Channel Master Support

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