Children Want To Grow Up To Be YouTubers

Back in Waylon Jenning’s heyday, Mamas had to worry about their babies growing up to be cowboys, today it seems that isn’t a concern as a new survey suggests that they may want to grow up to be YouTubers.

The UK’s Sun today shared results of a survey from travel company First Choice. The survey had children weigh in on their future career ambitions.

It appears the cord cutting video streaming habits of the next generation is playing a big part in their future career dreams.

Youtuber topped the list of 34.2% of the survey respondents, followed by Blogger/Vlogger at 18.1%. These numbers rank higher than old media career choices such as Musician/Singer (16%), Actor (15.7%), and Filmmaker (13.65%).

Cowboys it seems didn’t make the list, though Doctors (13.45%), Lawyers (6.4%) and such did. You can check out the full story at this link.

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