Ekaterina The Rise of Catherine the Great Now On Amazon Prime Video

XiveTV announced today the exclusive US availability of Ekaterina: The Rise of Catherine the Great, now streaming commercial-free on amazon prime video. The gloriously filmed saga covers the life of the Russian Empress Catherine the Great (Ekaterina), a German-born princess who traveled to Russia as a bride for the crown prince, Peter III, grandson of Peter the Great and nephew of Empress Elizabeth.

The story of Catherine the Great’s rise to power rivals any contemporary soap opera, as an intricate web of politics, adultery and betrayal unfolds within the Russian court in spectacular fashion. The mini-series chronicles the lead-up to Ekaterina’s powerful reign, setting the stage for her impact on the world stage and transformation of the Russian Empire.

In the grand tradition of The Tudors and The Crown, Ekaterina is an historical drama based on the true story of a larger than life figure who played a prominent role in European and world history. Each episode runs approximately 1 hour and has been produced by AMedia, one of Russia’s most respected production companies, with English subtitles.

“Catherine the Great is a monumental figure in the history of Russia and Europe,” notes XiveTV’s Greg Diefenbach, “and we are thrilled to bring this extraordinarily high-quality production to our XiveTV audience.”

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