FreeCast To Add BizTV, YouToo America, The Country Network, Classic Reels, & Fun Roads to SelectTV

As FreeCast moves towards an IPO, the company has been aggressively adding new channels to their service’s lineup and pushing for closer relationships with the companies that provide content. A number of new agreements now add a variety of channels to SelectTV‘s growing list.

The new channels include variety channel YouToo America, music channel The Country Network, lifestyle and travel network Fun Roads, small business and entrepreneur-focused BizTV, and vintage TV and movie channel Classic Reels. While these five networks represent very different types of content, together they expand the breadth of FreeCast’s offering with high quality linear television channels.

FreeCast has long offered thousands of streaming channels, both from external content providers and those assembled in-house. But with recent additions to the company’s executive team, the company is now working more closely with content providers and striking agreements to greater integrate these channels within the SmartGuide service rather than simply directing users to external providers.

William Mobley, CEO of FreeCast, discussed the company’s content strategy: “For a long time this company focused on pointing consumers to where they could find the content they wanted to watch, and that of course sent free traffic to the content providers, so it was always a win-win. Now we’re actively bringing the content to the consumer rather than telling them where to find it, and we’re working with the networks themselves to monetize it via dynamic ad-insertion and other technology. That’s creating a better experience for our users, and a better business scenario for us and our partners.”

“FreeCast’s platform presents our channel to millions of new streaming households through their SmartGuide, and this deal was a turn-key way to expand our viewership. Add to that the explosive growth in OTT video, we have plenty to be excited about.” Fun Roads’ CEO Ashley Gracile said.

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