Frndly TV, $5.99 Family Friendly Live TV Streaming Service Officially Launches

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Frndly TV, the first-ever live and on-demand TV streaming service tailored specifically to the family viewing audience, officially launched today just in time for the holidays, starting at only $5.99 per month.  As the first live streaming service available under $10 per month, Frndly TV was built from the ground up and created with the heart of America in mind. From the low price point, to the compelling content – from networks like Hallmark Channel, Game Show Network, The Weather Channel, Outdoor Channel and more – to the devices customers can stream from, all the way to how the user experience was created, the new TV service truly embodies worry-free TV.

“While more live streaming services have become available over the last few years, none of them focus on the American family the way Frndly TV does,” said Bassil El-Khatib, CEO, Frndly TV. “We’ve heard many times from consumers that they wanted a more affordable TV service with the channels they can actually watch together as a family.”

The lineup
At launch, Frndly TV delivers positive, uplifting family friendly live and on-demand programming across 12 different channels, expanding to 20 channels over the next year.

The full lineup includes: Hallmark Channel, Game Show Network, The Weather Channel, Outdoor Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, Hallmark Drama, PixL, Light TV, BabyFirst TV, QVC, Sportsman Channel and World Fishing Network.

“Our channel lineup was hand-selected to meet the needs of our target audience, the American family,” said El-Khatib. “Whether a viewer wants to watch a movie, relax with some entertainment-focused content, or dive into some adventure driven stories, we have them covered with Frndly TV – at an even friendlier price at $5.99 per month.”

The experience
Built from the ground up, Frndly TV’s interface was designed to be simplistic, familiar and easy to navigate, giving viewers the ability to watch TV how they want, when they want and where they want.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Linear TV guide: Viewers can browse TV shows the way they are accustomed to, with the very familiar and highly sought after linear grid guide.
  • Unlimited cloud DVR: Never run out of space. No worrying about managing your DVR. Truly record your favorite shows and movies and watch them whenever you want on any available device.
  • More than 1,000 on-demand titles: Browse Frndly TV’s on-demand catalog, featuring more than 1,000 titles.
  • 72-hour “Look Back”: Missed a show? Go back 72 hours and watch any programming that aired in that timeframe with the “Look Back” feature. No more forgetting to set the DVR or waiting for the on-demand asset to become available.
  • Start a program live from the beginning: Don’t worry if you tune-in halfway through the program, Frndly TV allows viewers to start over from the beginning across every network.
  • Available on popular devices: Stream from the comfort of your own home on Roku, Amazon, and Chromecast or on-the-go with iOS and Android. Apple TV will also be available by the end of the year.

Getting started
Customers have many options to customize their Frndly TV streaming package to create a TV service that meets their needs. All packages start with the same core service for $5.99 per month and include the popular family friendly content from Hallmark Channel, The Weather Channel, Game Show Network and more. The core service includes the ability to view content in standard definition and on one device at a time, plus access to the “Look Back” feature, allowing viewers to go back 72 hours in the guide, start a live show over from the beginning or access more than 1,000 titles on-demand.

For an additional two dollars more per month ($7.99/month), viewers will get access to high definition content, the ability to watch on two devices simultaneously and unlimited Cloud DVR that stores your favorite shows for up to 30 days – plus look back and on-demand access, similar to the core service.

And for just two dollars more a month ($9.99/month), viewers will get everything previously mentioned plus the ability to stream on four devices simultaneously and unlimited Cloud DVR that stores all recordings for 90 days.

And our most affordable and friendly option is for those customers who choose the annual plan. When you purchase 10 months of your favorite Frndly TV package, you get two months free, which saves customers over 15%.

“The core promise of Frndly TV is in the name – we wanted to create a TV service that was family friendly – from the content we offer all the way to the customizable packages,” said El-Khatib. “We know every viewer has different needs and preferences, so to stay true to our original promise, we put the choice in their hands.”

For more information on Frndly TV or start your seven-day free trial today, visit

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