Frontier Communications Password Bug Found

If you are a cord cutter using Frontier Communications for your internet service you might want to check your account.

ZDNet reports a flaw was discovered in the online password reset system for Frontier Customer’s accounts.

From the report:

“The vulnerability, found by security researcher Ryan Stevenson, allows a determined attacker to take over an account with just a username or email address. And a few hours worth of determination, an attacker can bypass the access code sent during the password reset process.

Stevenson found that the access code field was not limited, allowing him to enter as many codes as he wanted. By automating the process using a network intercept tool on a test account he created, Stevenson was able to reproduce the access code.”

While it is unknown if anyone has used the exploit, Frontier has stated they have shut down the onlone password reset until it can investigate further.

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