Harrison Ford & Charlie Sheen Voted Best & Worst Presidents In FandangoNow Poll

As Americans participate in this month’s Republican and Democratic National Conventions to solidify the parties’ presidential nominees, Fandango asked more than one thousand movie fans to cast their votes for the fictional U.S. movie presidents and presidential contenders they would most like and least like to see in the Oval Office.

Viewers can find the best and worst movie presidents at Fandango’s digital home entertainment service, FandangoNow.

“Fandango fans have spoken with their votes and Air Force One’s Harrison Ford wins as the tough but level-headed man-of-action Commander in Chief who film fans favored the most,” said Fandango Managing Editor Erik Davis. “Likewise, Charlie Sheen’s ruthless Machete Kills president is the fictional Chief Executive that fans would feel least comfortable with in the White House!”

Among the surprising results: only one female president (Sela Ward’s President Lanford) made it to either movie list, while the “most feared” ensemble features villainous characters played by Charlie Sheen and Martin Sheen (who starred as a more reliable leader on TV’s “The West Wing”). The top ten rankings in each category are as follows:

Most Respected Movie Presidents

1. Harrison Ford (President James Marshall), Air Force One

2. Morgan Freeman (President Tom Beck), Deep Impact

3. Michael Douglas (President Andrew Shepherd), The American President

4. Bill Pullman (President Thomas J. Whitmore), Independence Day

5. Jamie Foxx (President James Sawyer), White House Down

6. Robin Williams (President Tom Dobbs), Man of the Year

7. Kevin Kline (Presidential Stand-in Dave Kovic), Dave

8. James Earl Jones (President Douglass Dilman), The Man

9. Sela Ward (President Elizabeth Lanford), Independence Day: Resurgence

10. Michael Keaton (President John Mackenzie), First Daughter

Most Feared Movie Presidents

1. Charlie Sheen (President Rathcock), Machete Kills

2. Leslie Nielsen (President Baxter Harris), Scary Movie 4

3. John Travolta (Presidential Candidate Jack Stanton), Primary Colors

4. Peter Sellers (President Merkin Muffley), Dr. Strangelove

5. Jack Nicholson (President James Dale), Mars Attacks!

6. Terry Crews (President Dwayne Camacho), Idiocracy

7. George Clooney (Presidential Candidate Mike Morris), The Ides of March

8. Dennis Quaid, (President Joseph Staton), American Dreamz

9. Martin Sheen (Presidential Contender Greg Stillson), Stephen King’s The Dead Zone

10. Gene Hackman (President Allen Richmond), Absolute Power

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