Netflix, Google, & Akamai Sued For Infringing Streaming Media Patents

Personalized Media Communications, LLC (PMC), has filed patent infringement suits against Google, Akamai, and Netflix. PMC licenses exclusively the patents of its founder and Chairman, John Harvey, an individual inventor for almost 40 years. Mr. Harvey has received nearly 100 patents. The patents describe and claim numerous critically important features needed for efficient distribution of video content over networks.

PMC’s licensees include some of the world’s most prominent and sophisticated intellectual property users. Sony, Samsung, Fox, and DirecTV are just some of the television and content companies that have recognized the value of PMC’s extensive portfolio.

“The importance of PMC’s inventions is evidenced through the success of our licensing program,” said Boyd Lemna, a Senior Advisor to PMC. “Our preference is to negotiate our licenses directly with our licensees, but we also understand that in the current licensing environment, the continued success of our program rests upon clearly demonstrating that PMC’s patents are enforceable, and that PMC is serious about enforcing them.”

Personalized Media Communications, LLC is an inventor-owned and -managed company that has developed a portfolio of fundamental patents. Founded in 1981 by John C. Harvey, PMC’s lead inventor and Chairman, the company’s inventions are all internally-generated and cover a variety of communications systems, devices, and networks.

The PMC portfolio consists of over 100 issued patents and pending applications. Most of PMC’s patents have issued since 2010 and have years of enforceable coverage remaining. PMC inventions enable media providers to distribute their content securely and to enhance it through numerous techniques, including personalization, combined media, and interactivity. For more information visit


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