Omniverse TV To Cease Marketing Live TV To Single Dwelling Customers

Live streaming TV Service Omniverse TV is ceasing marketing of their services.

Omniverse offers several live TV streaming services at incredible prices to streaming providers such as SkyStream TV, Flixon TV, and HD Homerun. The service came under fire from major studios with copyright infringement claims, but Omviverse defended itself citing a licensing contract with Hovsat, Inc.

Apparently after looking deeper into it’s contract Omniverse is having second thoughts and is temporarily halting their marketing. From Omniverse:

“Omniverse announces changes to its live television services offering.

Omniverse One World Television, Inc. has announced that, in the light of recently received archives of records pertaining to the licensing rights of its partner Hovsat, Inc, Omniverse has determined it will discontinue the marketing of live television content to single dwelling residential customers until such time as Omniverse can obtain greater clarity on the issue.

Consistent with that decision, Omniverse has communicated to its distribution and content partners that it will cease delivering live television content to single dwelling residential customers under the terms of its marketing agreement with Hovsat, Inc. This decision will take effect as of midnight May 31. Omniverse continues to believe that its live television service to multi dwelling unit operators is an attractive and economic offering and will continue working with those partners to service the customer segment.

Mr. DeMeo, the CEO of the company, stated that he “Thanks to the many efforts of the company’s business partners and vendors for their hard work in trying to make the company’s streaming operations a success.” Live television streaming direct to the subscriber is the future of television. Omniverse will make every effort to ensure that rights owners and subscribers are compensated and any refunds that may be due are promptly handled.”

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