Outside TV Features Exclusive New Series: Over the Horizon

Outside TV is thrilled to introduce a brand-new series, exclusive to the Outside TV Features streaming service: Over the Horizon. Capturing the true spirit of adventure travel and modern day exploration, the 6-episode series follows adventurer Ellis Emmet on the voyage of a lifetime; a sailing trip throughout the South Pacific. Over the Horizon premieres July 11, 2017 on Outside TV Features.

The thrilling story begins with Ellis learning to sail in his home of New Zealand and follows his journey exploring the South Pacific. The series’ protagonist was inspired to go on this trip in search of some of the most isolated and beautiful places on the planet, places that are accessible exclusively by boat. Throughout his voyage he is able to fully immerse himself in foreign cultures that are drastically different from his own; in places like Tonga, Fiji, The Marshall Islands and more. He embeds with the locals, experiencing their daily lives, survival tactics and how things like globalization and climate change are threatening their traditions and way of life.

“Adding an episodic series like Over the Horizon, which is exclusive to the SVOD platform is a strategic part of the expansion and the direction where Outside TV Features is heading,” states Rob Faris, GM Outside TV Features. He continues, “We are committed to delivering premium adventure sports content to our loyal viewers, and shows like Over the Horizon also tell a great travel adventure story allowing us to expand our potential audience.”

Over the Horizon is shot in 6K by award-winning cinematographer/director, Andre Dupuis who is best known for his work on travel adventure television series Departures, and thrilling underwater adventure series Descending. Over the Horizon debuts on July 11 exclusively streaming via Outside TV Features.

Outside TV Features is the new Free App from Outside TV; streaming more than 4,000 short form videos (for FREE) and full-length feature films and original series ($4.99/month). Outside TV Features is available via iOS, Apple TV, Android, ROKU, Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Channels.

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