Pete Rose Hopes For Hall Of Fame, Now On Vimeo

Before making the news headlines when he filed his latest appeal to have his election eligibility to baseball’s Hall of Fame restored, Pete Rose had expressed hope that the league would grant him a second chance during an interview with Las Vegas odds expert and historian Dennis Tobler in mid-September. “The Pete Rose Interview with Dennis Tobler” is now available for viewing through Vimeo on Demand and the Vimeo channel on iTunes and Roku for $2.99.

His main argument for the league reconsidering and giving him a chance to be elected into the Hall of Fame? Fairness.

As Pete Rose puts it: “I understand baseball’s feelings about gambling, I really do…Gambling’s bad, drinkin’s bad, drugs are bad, beatin’ your spouse is bad, THEY’RE ALL BAD. But baseball looks upon gambling as the worst of those four or five.” He then touched on the issue of fairness by saying, “There’s been guys that did the other ones that got second, third, fourth, fifth chances. Gamblers don’t get a second chance!” He concludes by admitting his mistake and expressing remorse for it: “I’m the one that messed up… I’m the reason that I got suspended. I’m the reason I’m not in the Hall of Fame. I paid the consequences. So, if I’m ever given a chance someday, this is America—YOU USUALLY GET A SECOND CHANCE!”

Such statements show a new side to Pete Rose that should appeal to both his avid followers and regular sports fans. Today we see a changed man with an immense capacity for self-reflection and humility complementing his competitive edge that led him to fame and glory as baseball’s all-time “Hit King.”

In his over one-hour meeting with Mr. Tobler, Pete Rose lays out his insights on the state of play in baseball today, including his take on the league’s top players and teams. Point by point, he offers a comprehensive sweep of baseball history highlighting the game’s premier statistics and record holders, him included. Regarding his controversies, Pete speaks candidly and shares the lessons he’s learned. Moving on, Pete Rose talks about his current life living in Las Vegas, engaging with sports fans in autograph sessions and fantasy sports, and being a sports commentator for Fox Sports.

The Pete Rose Interview with Dennis Tobler from Gambling Broadcast Network on Vimeo.

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