Philo App Coming To Amazon Fire TV & Apple TV This Month

It looks like Philo will be coming to Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV sometime this month.

A user on the r/Corcutters forum posted a since retracted story discussing the release of the app, “Philo also said it has launched its $16-a-month collection of 40 channels on Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV. Previously, Philo had been available on Roku devices, iOS and Android as well as 35 TV Everywhere apps.”

Philo’s official Reddit account replied to the retracted story post saying, “Whoops! Looks like someone got a little too excited and tried to wish the apps out. We PROMISE they are coming soon, like this month soon, but we’re not quite there yet. Enjoy your holiday and stay tuned for an announcement from us.”

So while it looks like the post was premature, it appears Philo apps are coming to Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV very soon.

Are you a Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV user looing forward to the arrival of Philo? Comment below.

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