Redbox Is Taking Another Swing At Streaming Movies

Redbox is looking to get back into the movie streaming business.

The company famous for it’s red DVD and Blu-Ray discount rental kiosks attempted to get in competition with Hulu and Netflix several years ago by partnering with Verizon on a subscription based streaming service but bowed out shortly thereafter.

A new app from Redbox has surfaced on the iTunes store, and Engadget is reporting that as of right now the app login is available by invitation only.

From the looks of things this will be a rental only streaming app and not a subscription based model like they attempted in the past. It’s assumed that videos won’t be available at the cut rate $2 kiosk prices, but more in line with the industry streaming standard pricing, but again that is only speculation as no official pricing is available at this time.

Update: Variety has obtained an email statement from a Redbox spokesman regarding the streaming service, “We are testing a potential new transactional digital VOD and EST offering, with a small subset of our customers, designed to complement our core kiosk rental business. As we test and learn from our customers, we will make evaluations that determine any future course of action.”

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