ROW8 Signs Deal With Paramount, Sony, Universal, & Warner Bros, Offers “Matinee Pricing”

Relatively new VOD streaming service ROQ8 has signed a deal with Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal Pictures, and Warner Bros. to start offering films from their respective libraries on their service. Variety broke the news about the deal today.

ROW8 had made a name for itself offering indie and foreign films for digital rental and purchase, it looks to expand with the addition of these five big US studios.

According to the report, ROW8 plans to stand out from the big VOD streaming players such as Amazon, Apple, Google, & Vudu with some creative strategies to seperate them from the pack.

The first strategy is their “Movie Love Guarantee”. If a renter does not enjoy the title they rented, they can “trade” the rental back in for credit on another rental.

2nd is pricing discounts in certain windows. In a nod to discounts offered at many theaters, Tuesday new movie rentals will be $1 off. In addition, they are offering off peak hour “matinee pricing” of $1 off rental, from midnight to 3 PM (matinee pricing has a catch, you must watch within 3 hours of renting).

ROW8 is currently also offering $2 off first time rentals.

For more info on ROW8 check out their website at this link.

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