SFN TV Now Quietly Ends Nationwide Service

This week my SFN TV Now service unexpectedly stopped. I contacted support to find out what was interrupting my service.

Surprisingly they replied with the following statement:

“Good morning! Thank you for contacting us regarding your SFN TV Now service. We recently identified areas that were outside of our SFN TV Now network, and unfortunately, you were one of the customers that we can no longer be serviced at this time. We appreciate you trying our service during our BETA period, and hope that we can provide this service again in the near future.

Thank you for allowing Southern Fibernet to serve you.”

I say surprisingly because no notice was sent that the service would be ending either by email or by public announcement that I could find, the service just stopped abruptly. Also I had service for over a month since the Beta had ended. I was curious by by outside the service area they may have mistakenly thought I lived outside the United States. So I asked what the service area consisted of and received this reply:

“Lake Park, Moody AFB Dorms, Magnolia Grove and Officer Housing at Moody AFB.”


So from the sounds of things SFN TV Now is essentially just a regional streaming service in Georgia. While I understand there may be outside constraints forcing the change, I believe it reflects poorly on their part that they did not notify customers, and instead as a customer I had to inquire as to why service stopped.

SFN TV Now was initially highly touted by cord cutters including myself. They were the small guy battling out with the bigger players like Vue and Sling TV. It’s still unclear why they pulled back from being nationwide, I am set to inquire and will post an update if I get any info.

Anyone else outside of Georgia lose their SFN TV Now service without notice? Comment below.

Update: Many out of state customers are reporting they still have service. I reached out to SFN upper management around noon today for a comment or clarification on their policy and have not received a response as of this writing.

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