SFN TV Now Expands To iOS, Update On Streaming Packages

SFN TV Now, a newcomer to over the top streaming television services has now expanded their list of supported devices to iOS 6.0 & higher, the service was already supported officially on ROKU set top boxes 3 & 4 (with many users having success on the new Roku Stick, and Roku TV’s); Android 5.0 & higher.

SFN offers streaming packages similar to Sling TV and Playstation Vue, with the ability to stream on 3 to 5 devices depending on plan.

SFN offers several options for cord cutters, with no contract obligation and a cloud based DVR.

SFN has also updated their pricing on their streaming packages as follows:

Atlanta Local 15+ Channels $10.00
Core Atlanta content to keep you entertained and up to date in the metro area. Available only in the Atlanta area.


Faith 15+ Channels $5.00
Uplifting content to keep you in the know and moving forward.


Popular 70+ Channels $34.00
Just over 70 channels of popular entertainment, sports, family, and news on 3 devices.




Max 90+ Channels $48.00
Just over 90 channels for the person/family that wants it ALL plus 5 devices.




A representative for SFN did tell us they are working hard to try and bring back smaller packages to the service similar to what they offered in their initial beta. Those packages offered specific genres such as sports, kid channels, and news. The packages pictured above are a representation of what is currently on their site. I believe they are still in Beta and the [packages could continue to evolve.

I have been trying this service for a little over a week. It has a very nice stream, and minimal buffering. There were some cloud DVR hiccups when the service launched but everything seems to be smooth now.

To check out what SFN TV Now has to offer, you can check out their website by clicking here.

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