SFN TV Now Explains Exit From Nationwide Service

Yesterday we exclusively broke the news that SFN TV now had unexpectedly withdrawn from providing their streaming TV service nationwide. The only information supplied at that time was that they were focusing on their local Georgia customers. This lead to a lot of speculation online in the cord cutting community as to what the “real” reasoning for the withdraw could be.

We reached out to Mike Figueroa,  Marketing & Corporate Sales Management for SFN to get more details. Mike issued a brief statement as to why they are temporarily leaving the nationwide marketplace, “Although we are limiting our national services in the short term, we are having to retool our national offerings and will return with different available channels and maybe add some. We are focusing on our current regional Georgia markets, fine tuning our approach, and will return nationally with improvements, staffing, technology, etc.”

Mike confirms that while they are currently focused on their regional in market offerings they will re-release their national offerings with some upgrades at some point in the future.

While I admit that yesterday I felt a bit irked that their was no prior notification that the service would be cancelled for myself (and other national customers), I too have worked at small rapidly growing companies in the past and understand that you have to pick and choose where your resources go wisely as you grow. I am more than happy that SFN has answered any and all questions that  I have posed to them quickly and I believe honestly.

I do look forward to their return to nationwide service and will be a subscriber again. SFN TV Now has always provided me with a quality stream , and a great selection of channels. If I have the choice between supporting a family owned business like SFN TV Now or a national conglomerate, the little guy always wins with my wallet.

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William B. West
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  1. I never had the service, but knowing the sudden shut down story is not favorable to my wanting to use them of they start up again. Who wants to wonder day by day if their service would be available.

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