Shout! Factory TV Expands To Amazon Channels & Apple TV

Shout Factory! TV announced today two new ways to watch their streaming service.

First, Amazon Prime members can watch Shout! Factory TV commercial-free, via Amazon Channel for a monthly fee of $2.99. Also Shout! Factory announced some exclusive to the Amazon Channel including Women’s Prison Massacre, Capricorn One, Saturn 3, The Cassandra Crossing and The Eagle Has Landed. More info at this link.

Shout Factory also announced that the free Shout! Factory TV app is now available via Apple TV.

Fans of the service can still get their programming free with ads via the Roku app, Pluto Tv, Hulu, Samsung TV, online and mobile directly from

Shout! Factory TV brings cult favorites to pop culture fans. With a curated entertainment library, the channel offers a blend of cult TV shows, movies, comedy, & original specials.

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