Streaming Lord Of The Rings Series Pitched

Could a Lord of the Rings TV series be coming to your favorite streaming service? Recent reports indicate it’s a strong possibility.

Variety reports that Warner Bros. have pitched the idea of a high budget tv series based of the classic works of J.R.R. Tolkien, and that Amazon Studios is the front runner to land the series. Other outlets have reported that HBO and Netflix have been pitched the series as well, but that Amazon has shown the most interest.

The reported price tag for the series will not be cheap. Deadline reports that the asking rights to license the series will be in the “$200 – $250 million” range alone. Stack on top of that a reported “$100-$150 million a season” production budget, and someone has to have some deep pockets to want to make this happen.

With a price tag like that, it makes you wonder how long the most popular streaming services will maintain their relatively low prices.

Would you like a Lords of the Ring tv series on your favorite streaming service? Comment below.

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