T-Mobile Adds More Streaming Services To Binge On, Viewing Doubles

Late last year T-Mobile launched their Binge On service, which gave qualifying high speed data customers access to a select list of streaming providers that would not count against their monthly data limits. T-Mobile announced today that it’s subscribers are watching more than twice the streaming video than before the service was offered.

T-Mobile also announced today the addition of Amazon Video, Fox News, Univision NOW from Univision Communications Inc. (UCI) and WWE® Network to the growing list of services that stream without using your high-speed data bringing the total to more than 40 video streaming services, including Netflix, HBO Now, Hulu, SHOWTIME, Sling TV, STARZ, WatchESPN and more.

John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile commented on the success of the service, “Binge On is our most disruptive Un-carrier move yet. It has literally changed the way millions of people are watching video – they’re watching more, more than twice as much as before, and most importantly, they’re watching without worrying about bigger bills or surprise overages! Binge On is the Un-carrier solution to satisfy Americans’ growing appetite for mobile video – and the facts are telling us that customers love it!”

Many cord cutters are excited about Binge On and hope to see other ISP’s follow suit. But many others are cautioning that this could lead to the bigger streaming services squeezing out the little guys.

A recent report by Stanford University agrees with that point. A report by the Verge on Yahoo quotes Stanford’s net neutrality expert and law professor Barbara van Schewick as saying, “It feels good in the short-term but harms consumers in the long run.

T-Mobile’s Binge On is aptly named — it feels good in the short-term but harms consumers in the long run. The program limits user choice, distorts competition, stifles innovation, and harms free speech on the Internet. If more ISPs offer similar programs, these harms will only grow worse.

Binge On allows some providers to join easily and creates lasting barriers for others, especially small players, non-commercial providers, and start-ups.”

What do you think, is Binge On good or bad for the consumer?

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