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The Film Detective

The Film Detective (TFD), a classic media streaming network and film archive that restores classic films for today’s cord cutters, is taking a walk on the weird side this summer. Starting in July, titles from American film distributor Something Weird Video will be available on all of The Film Detective platforms.

The Film Detective

Lisa Petrucci, owner of Something Weird Video said, “Something Weird is thrilled to be working with The Film Detective to bring some of our classic exploitation movies to their channel. We’ve dug deep in the vaults to pick films that will be right at home with their other excellent content. I’m really looking forward to this collaboration!”

The Film Detective and Something Weird have long shared a passion for unearthing rare titles. Founded by the late Mike Vraney in 1990, Something Weird Video has cultivated an expansive collection of thrilling, shocking, and bizarre exploitation films from the 1930s to 1970s. Film fans have Something Weird to thank for bringing work from creators like Herschell Gordon Lewis, David F. Friedman, and Doris Wishman to the public eye, with categories ranging from burlesque features to educational scare films.

Lisa Petrucci notes that the titles added to The Film Detective library serve as “an opportunity to see some very obscure old movies that often fall through the cracks or get buried in our massive video catalog. We will highlight some of these underappreciated genre films on the channel.”

In the world of crime, titles to look out for include “Manfish” (1956), the story of deep sea divers that get tangled in murder during their hunt for treasure, “The Basketball Fix” (1951), the life of a basketball player that gets involved in organized crime, and “The Island Monster” (1954), a  thriller about an Italian government agent tasked with breaking up a drug smuggling ring. Throughout the month of July, TFD viewers can look forward to five new title releases every Wednesday, in subgenres like crimewave, weird noir, and swampsploitation.

Whether it be a smuggling ring in the Okefenokee swamp in “Okefenokee” (1959), a banker who embezzles funds to support a horse race gambling addiction in “Two Dollar Bettor” (1951), or high schoolers being tempted by a life of nightclubs and crime in “Hoodlum Girls” (1944), film fanatics will be able to experience film rarities like never before this summer.

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