UrbanflixTV Prepares To Launch New Streaming Platform

UrbanflixTV announced today that it has partnered with Michael Jai White of Jaigantic Studios to executive produce the follow-up movie to his cult hit “Black Dynamite” with a comedy Western called “The Outlaw Johnny Black,” which already boasts the involvement of several well-known actors.

Despite the popularity of many streaming services, most content has remained the same as that on most of the major networks. UrbanflixTV, on the other hand, is dedicated to creating high-quality multi-cultural content, offering scripted content and unscripted content developed to redefine the term “urban” for the entertainment world.

“As a filmmaker, I see a lack of quality content that speaks to varying cultures,” said Herb Kimble, Chairman of UrbanflixTV. “UrbanflixTV will offer content that fosters pride for people of all cultures, races, beliefs and sexual orientations.”

“Our collection of high-caliber programming features multi-cultural casts and highlights diversity,” said Kevin Griffo, CEO of UrbanflixTV. “Our slate of programs demonstrates our commitment to inclusion and includes a fresh take on everything from full-length feature films, documentaries, stand-up comedians and musical entertainment featuring actors from a wide range of backgrounds.” The company will offer compelling stories with genre-bending content that makes viewers think, laugh, and cry.

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