Vewd Announces Vewd OS For Smart TV Manufacturers

Vewd, a global market leader in enabling streaming television, today announced Vewd OS, a “revolutionary entertainment operating system” designed for smart TVs. With over 15 years’ experience delivering OTT software for leading consumer electronics brands, Vewd OS elevates what consumers can expect from their smart TVs, while fundamentally changing the game for TV manufacturers.

Consumers today supplement their content consumption on TVs with sticks, dongles and other third-party devices to access their streaming entertainment options. Vewd OS solves this consumer pain point by embedding software directly on TVs that eliminates the need for purchasing additional hardware to access the full universe of content they desire with the following features:

  • Simple yet powerful integrated solution that unites premium VOD, live TV, native internet content, and over a thousand leading apps into a single, cohesive TV experience.
  • Cinematic experience with immersive user interface focused on video content, illustrated with a compelling opening screen, allowing for dynamic content discovery that replaces static apps.
  • Next generation program guide activated by remote control or voice, that seamlessly integrates broadcast, live streams and on-demand video, allowing users to time shift and watch previously-aired content.
  • Cloud-based access to apps eliminating the painful app download and update process for consumers.

Some TV OEMs useone-size-fits-all” operating system solutions that eliminate access to usage analytics, consumption data and branding power. Vewd OS reverses this dynamic with after-sale monetization, control of user data/platform analytics, timely software release cycles and easy-to-use tools for branding customization. Manufacturers can now enjoy:

  • Flexible solutions allowing them to choose from complete turnkey to a modular approach where everything is scalable, and adaptable to customers, devices and markets. Vewd OS is currently optimized across dozens of major smart TV semiconductor platforms allowing manufacturers to significantly reduce investment costs and control time to market.
  • Best-in-class traditional software features such as media player, device settings, and more that combine with cloud customization tools, including dynamic UI management, privacy controls (with GDPR support), ad management, billing, and audience promotion tools for content owners, to make Vewd OS the perfect mix of software and cloud services

“The launch of Vewd OS marks an important milestone for the industry. Consumers, manufacturers and subsequently content owners all benefit from a truly transformative TV experience that exceeds expectations and strikes the right balance between enterprise and entertainment,” said Vewd CEO Aneesh Rajaram. “Vewd OS raises the bar by reducing fragmentation and allowing every player across the value chain to win.”

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