VidAngel Sued By Disney, Lucasfilm, Twentieth Century Fox and Warner Bros

Online video c company VidAngel recently announced they were being sued by major movie studios Disney, Lucasfilm, Twentieth Century Fox and Warner Bros.

The suit claims that VidAngel “operates a video-on-demand, or VOD, service but does not have authorization and does not pay for the rights for the films they stream”.

VidAngel’s service for those unfamiliar allows you to buy a new movie release for $20, stream it to your computer or other device, and then sell it back to VidAngel for $19. The service also offers editing software to remove nudity, language or violence. In essence you are paying $1 to watch a new video release.

The studio lawsuit claims ownership or rental does not matter, “It does not matter whether VidAngel sells or rents the movies. In either case, VidAngel would need copyright owner consent to circumvent access controls on protected discs, make copies of that content, and stream performances of the content to the public. VidAngel does not have consent to do any of these things. And, VidAngel is not ‘selling’ movies. VidAngel is simply providing an unauthorized dollar-a-day VOD rental service.”

VidAngel responded to the suit on their official blog:

“Fans, customers and supporters,

Disney, Lucasfilm, 20th Century Fox, and Warner Bros have filed a complaint against VidAngel in federal court. We wish they would have let us know they had issue with VidAngel back in July 2015 when we wrote them a letter to inform them about VidAngel’s lawful service. However, we’ve hired great Hollywood attorneys. We’re as confident now as we were when we launched that filtering a DVD or Blu-ray you own on your favorite devices is your right. We’re ready. More to come.


Neal Harmon, CEO”

Who do you think is right, VidAngel or the Studios? Comment below.

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