No CBS On Sling TV With Dish Deal

Last week we reported on the impasse between DISH Network and CBS. There was speculation by many that part of the hold up in negotiations was DISH (parent of Sling TV) was trying to get favorable terms for carriage of CBS on Sling.

According to a report by Broadcasting & Cable the DISH deal doesn’t include CBS rights for Sling TV. They state in their report, “The objection CBS has with Sling is that the streamer doesn’t want the signals of all CBS affiliates. In its streaming deals, including CBS’s own over-the-top , direct-to-consumer service CBS All Access, the network cuts the affiliates in for a piece of the pie.”

B&C analysis says that this is “not a good for Dish”. I would add that no deal for CBS is better for Sling than a bad deal. As they note Sling is the largest live TV streaming service. Since their catalog of channels is not the largest amongst live streaming TV services, I would attribute the growth to price point. If CBS asking price was too high, this is a wise decision by Sling in my opinion.

Sling is going to have a fight on their hands with skinny bundle service Philo, who offers 37 channels for $16 a month. In my opinion the last thing they need is a must carry channel in their basic package that bumps up their starting price. If CBS was offering the channel to Sling as an add on with a low margin, then it would be a bad call I think, but knowing CBS history they likely wanted this as a must have in the basic package.

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